Jolita'style - colorful, unique, independent, handicraft and eco-friendly apparel created by Lithuanian designer Jolita Rimeikienė. Jolita has been working as the designer for 20 years; however, Jolita'style, as a brand name, launched out two years ago with a different and distinctive line of apparel. The targeted marked are women over 25 years old who like to be noticed and distinguish from the crowd by unique clothing.

Jolita'style sustains the idea of eco-friendliness by using recycled materials.  All fabrics used for creating a product are of the high- quality materials which are carefully and responsibly selected. The oneness is developed by the colorfulness and uniqueness thus each product can become as a small piece of art which brightens the daily life of a woman.  The designer Jolita says: “I never dress in black.” This is her credo which pushes her forward and does not let her stop bursting out new ideas.

Jolitos Stilius